F2F Petra/Warren - One two three


She climbed up leaning down to kiss his cheek. “Thanks Daddy…..I’ll….I’ll work on it. I can’t just. Sit around at the school….the Summers are putting so much at risk…” She smiled. “And you give such good advice…I’m going to see what Azari plans to do…..but I’m still going to do something.” She had to. 

"Remember your mother and I are here for you no matter what." He confirmed. Smiling a little at the compliment, He never felt like he gave good advice but he was glad to motivate her into doing something when she wanted to herself so badly. "If it gets to much…don’t force yourself. Only do what you feel comfortable with….and were here." He added. She wasn’t alone. 

F2F Petra/Warren - One two three


"But what about Josh? And Heather…." She sighed. "I don’t mind if I never get to go to college or get a job. Not if it means I can give others the chance but Josh and Heather may mind our name being thrown out in public when they get older…and to be my fault?" She sighed. "I’m so stuck on what to do…" 

"Josh won’t be going to college for another 11 something years, and Heather about the same. For all we know next year the world explodes, or in five years mutants are welcome 100% we don’t know where life is taking us. Dwelling on it like this? Instead of doing something….that will have a certain outcome. They won’t probably get to go to college if this isn’t stopped. So do what you feel is right to stop it." 

F2F Petra/Warren - One two three


"There has to be some way to get it shut down……" She knew realistically even laws in place to protect from discrimination didn’t work. "Like Mr.Summers said there going to fight it but they can’t think there going to be able to do it alone." She added. "And what that means for their family….it’s to much for two people. There has to be more that can be done." 

He watched her, picking on her subtle hints. “You don’t need my permission to become a protestor in all of this. Your mother and I will always support you. My company was made to help mutants and do some good with the money we earn. Unlike my father. So were already working on putting money into supporters to get it shut down, if it ends up coming out our whole family is a mutant group….” He shrugged. “We deal with it as it comes.” 

F2F Petra/Warren - One two three


She still went to the institute taking biology classes until she got enrolled in college, her Dad had to pick Josh and Heather up anyway so it didn’t matter plus she got to see Azari. Pushing her hair out of her face she waited, until her brother and sister where asleep and it was her and her Dad again.

"You knew. about the mutant registration." She said slowly. "It came as a letter. To kids, including Josh and Heather." 

He sighed looking at her and nodding. “We’ve been trying to keep it a secret as much as we could…from you and the others….but it’s just not realistic to do it anymore.” He knew Scott was talking to the school today, all the kids. 

"What it could mean for colleges…jobs. Everything." 

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F2F Warren/Tabby - Information


"Oh god, Jean and Scott. I’m sure Rachel came home with the same sort of letter…I bet they are as panicked as we are…" Tabby looked at the floor, "And with how often the Summers in particular are sought after…to have anyone to be able to find out where the children are…"

"Warren we can’t let this happen. Not for our family. Not for theirs….not for anyone." She hugged him tight.

"And what Rachel could do? The backlash….on a little girl who does no harm and loves ponies and helping her friends…." He shook his head. "She wouldn’t understand…she’d think she did wrong…" He breathed out holding her tight as he could.

"I don’t know what to do…if there was one solution I could see I’d be over it right now…" 

F2F Warren/Tabby - Information


It was true. Racism. Prejudice. It’s all still rampant all over, and to out mutants. Mutant children…to have to face what usually was reserved for at least teens and preteens. to explain to a five year old all of this? Or even a toddler? Impossible.

Her eyes watering for a moment, but that just made her angry and she clenched her teeth.

"And even though outed teachers would be a welcome thing to Xavier’s- bringing in more staff in a safe enviornment, and allowing them to enroll more students…it’s like you said. They are already so full. They can’t do everything. We can’t do everything…”

"Oh Warren…" She leaned against his chest, crumpling the paper a little in her hand.

"We could start more schools…schools across the country but they’d be targets just like us. They’d be painted as monsters in hiding like Xavier’s….." He pulled his wife against him, fear in his chest. Starting his company, putting all this money towards good…..

"There has to be something we can do. We can’t be the only parents, mutant’s and non-mutants a like that don’t want this…college students with the same fears…"