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He has no last name, and if thats his last name has no first.

*looks up Azari’s last name to find out and laughs FOREVER*

Azari T’challa T’chacka Evan Duke of Wakanda

That’s just unnecessary. 

Yeah I know. You know what? I’mma look up Azari and see what it says his last name is…

Its gonna say either his Mom’s name or nothing. 

OOC Litterally just called T’Challa.

He has no last name, and if thats his last name has no first.


Worthington Family 

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I join.

F2F: Heather/Warren - Little Wing


She was so excited! He was going to help make her wing feel better, and teach her how to fly! And go flying with her! She hoped she didn’t have to wait toooo long for her wings to get bigger and stronger, but she was going to try her hardest to be a good girl and be patient.

"It’ll be so great!" 

Her stomach rumbled again.

"Daddy? Where are we gonna get breakfast?"

"Do you wanna go to that breakfast place? The one that makes the pancake faces and the homemade chocolate milk?" He liked that place, all home made fresh from the local market. It was a tad expensive because of that, but he could care less about that right now.

"And then we can maybe go to the park with Ollie?" 

F2F: Heather/Warren - Little Wing


"Yay!" She bounced a little excitedly. Wincing a little, but then giggling, "I better be careful…" She slowly climbed off the bed to head to the bathroom with her dad where they kept the first aid kit. She knew because when she first arrived and got cleaned up they looked her over for any scrapes or cuts just in case.

"Daddy…" she sat on the lid of the potty- her back facing him so he could tend to the wing. "Someday…will teach me to fly? Like you?"

She was back to being her bubbly self and he was glad, digging out the first aid kit and pulling out the things he needed, carefully going about looking at her wing and starting to patch it up so it wouldn’t hurt so much anymore. 

He smiled at the question, if there was ever one to get him. He was content never having kids like him, but he had one…and the thought of teaching her to fly. Really teaching her unlike what he had… “I’d love to teach you to fly. When your wings are all grown in and strong. I’ll take you to fly every weekend, and then when you can fly. We’ll go flying together.” 

F2F: Heather/Warren - Little Wing


She buried her face into his chest, smiling softly as she sighed a breathe of relief to know he wasn’t mad.

"You- you can really help make it feel better?" She dried the last of her tears, looking up at him- her blonde hair a poofy mess but her ears still managing to stick out from under the wavy mass.

Her tummy grumbled.

"And I am kind of hungry…."

He nodded. “I can, not right away but I can wrap it up all nice so it’ll feel a little better, and then heal all nice and right so you’ll never even notice.” He explained, he wasn’t magic. He couldn’t heal wounds right away but he could help.

"And then we can get some yummy food, maybe we’ll go out to get something instead of staying in since your brother and sister got to go to Xaviers."