OOC: Satan has arrived.



Get JP a ring just so when he leaves he can leave it on the night stand and Peter wakes up alone, with a ring.


OMFG NO! NOOOOOOOO!! Peter = crushed like a tin can.

I mean I don’t know how worse it can get for Scott, fighting with Jean and then she dies.
However I just came up with how, she tells him he can just stay at the school if he’s going to be around there so much so late. She doesn’t want him coming home. 

OOC: Satan has arrived.

Get JP a ring just so when he leaves he can leave it on the night stand and Peter wakes up alone, with a ring.



We could sell them to the Circus. I am sure JP would give them a good reference. 

JP take our children so I can whisk Tabby off and never return. 

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I MISS RPing with YOU!!!! klfsdjflksdj I feel like we have such a hard time lately thinking of ways for ANY of our characters to interact…other than our secy evilOTP

were married and I still can’t think of anything.
I’m literally aggressively playing the piano out of my frustration of needing angelboom.

Lets sell our kids honey and go back to the old times. We use to have to much otp stuff now we have none. 

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i could see uninstall happening right now stop no i dont need that

aggressively plays the piano at 3am


OOC: Anyone want to start any of these while Bobby/Megan is going on?


  • Jott - Otpotp

  • Angelboom - Otherotpotpshipshipship

  • Jaime/Peter - Babies
  • Megan/Azari - Welcome to my crew crew crew

Also, I don’t hate anyone. I love you all. 

U hate Rachel and will never notice her.
Shh let it happen.

Also those top two I want to do Angelboom like burning and Jean won’t admit it and she’s a liar if she says she doesn’t want to do Jott, but what are they about? 

OOC Sempai hates u



OOC: I can do multiple F2Fs at once if ya’ll want.
And I can be on until 5:00am- I mean I know you guys might need to go to bed before then, I’m just saying- I can stay on that late.
And Isaiha is asleep now and so is Mat so there won’t be anymore distractions on my end.

I’m sorry.

stopppp apologizzzinnnngg nooo


noooooo stoppp

Rachel look what you’ve done sempai will never love you now

OOC: What if we burned everything down